Office Chair Review: B990-CP Big and Tall

In Big and Tall Chairs Reviews on April 13, 2009 at 9:27 pm


Three Sweet Features:

1. Solid wrap around metal frame.

2. Black Caressoft faux leather and black frame.

3. A great price point. Good value oriented Big and Tall Chair.

The Thorough Review:

The B990 and the B990-CP by Boss Office Chairs are a great value for a Big and Tall office chair.

The aren’t the flashiest, but the foam is thick and padded, so you know the chair will last a while. These Bariatric Office Chairs are rated to hold people up to 350 lbs., and is constructed as such. Aside from the aforementioned thick padded seat and back, the chair features a metal frame with a metal support bar on the back to give the chair added stability. The seat and the back are generously sized, with the width of the chair at 24″ and a depth of 21″. The arms are padded as well, for added comfort during long hours of use. Additionally, the base is 27″ in diameter. Compare that to the standard 25″ of most normal bases, and you begin to understand why we keep saying this chair is well built!

In our opinion, the B990-CP Caressoft Plus is the nicer of the two models, with a black frame to match the black caressoft (caressoft is a faux leather vinyl combination). The B990 is black microfiber with a silver frame. Overall, this chair is a great value for an oversize, big and tall office chair. At the price point it is offered at, combined with the heavy duty components and the metal frame, you can’t go wrong with this Big and Tall office chair.

The Ratings:

With a solid wrap around metal frame and oversize metal base, it will last the test of time. Maximum 350 lbs though which is on the low end of Big and Tall Chairs.


It has a basic mechanism. Tilt lock, height adjustment. Not fancy or ergonomic, but effective.

It’s a good looking chair in Caressoft. The black frame and base look nice, and it won’t stick out like a sore thumb. Sleek, clean style.

Overall Rating (Not an average):
It is a great VALUE oriented big and tall chair…Not overly comfortable, but it is supportive with a wide back and thick seat. A good quality, less expensive option for Big and Tall users.

Want to know more about how we rate chairs? Check out our Ratings Guide!


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